Dentalign | Dentalign vs Invisalign - A Detailed Comparison
Dentalign vs Invisalign - A Detailed Comparison
  • 08 November 2021
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Whether it’s a business meeting or a casual night out with friends, the one thing that will boost up your confidence is a perfect smile – it’s one of the most powerful weapons you could possibly have. 


So why hide behind your crooked smile when there are plenty of options in the market to fix that? On the contrary, we also understand having plenty of options can be as blissful as it can be a curse. In this article, we will help you figure which option is the best suitable for you to start your journey.  


Spoiler alert - you’ll probably find us to be your perfect companion. A match made in heaven! 


Here are some factors that we thought could help you make your decision.  


In-house treatment vs Dentist visits 


Dentalign, a home-based treatment option that provides you the comfort of staying at home and get your teeth aligned. Which means there in no physical contact between our customers and the dentists at any given point of time during the process. Then how are you going to know if it’s working or not? The dentists at Dentalign, keep a track of your progress and check-up on you virtually without you losing your precious time. On the other hand, Invisalign may work with the same treatment tool as Dentaligni.e clear aligners but the major difference between the two is, just like any general doctor treatment you are in direct contact with your orthodontist from the beginning of the process to the end when you opt for Invisalign – from your first examination visit to your regular check-up and follow-up visits. 


What is your budget? 


We treat your wallet like it's our own. With Dentalign, having the smile that you’ve always wanted will only cost you 60% less than Invisalign. Our All-Day time and Night time aligners costs AED 6,450 whereas Invisaligns costs around AED 19,000. Dentalign’s aligners are made with the help of our cutting-edge technology and our certified orthodontists from Europe who develop precise aligners customed for every individual and their case.  


How long does it take to start? 

With Dentalign, you can start your journey from home the moment you purchase our impression kit. Once you send your impression back to us through our prepaid mailer, your aligners would be made and shipped back to you in less than two weeks. Whereas with Invisalign you will first need to go for an in-person assessment to one of the Invisalign-Approved doctors to analyse and assess your case.  


How long till I get my perfect smile? 


Dentalign aligners help you get your perfect smile in an average of 4 to 6 months. With the help of our 22 hours All-day Aligners and 10 hours Night Aligners, any minor to moderate case can be treated really quickly. Invisalign treatment lengths vary from case to case. Only your treating doctor would be able to determine a journey plan for you. 


Does my teeth require any changes or attachments? 

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