Dentalign | Dentalign vs Basma - The Big Difference
Dentalign vs Basma - The Big Difference
  • 09 November 2021
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Having a perfect smile is something we all dream about and names like Dentalign or Basma you must have definitely heard when searching upon a perfect smile. This is one of the main reasons why orthodontic treatment is becoming more and more popular as people are more concerned over the way they look and trying to perfect their smiles. 


Once you decide to take that bold step and start your orthodontic treatment, the next task is to choose from the tons of options, and all the fears and misconception related to these treatment options. In this article, we will help you sort out this problem. Today, we will compare and give you a detailed analysis of the two most viral orthodontic options available for a straight smile, Dentalign vs Basma 


Why Clear Aligners 

Clear Aligners are the most sort-out treatment options people look forward to. They are reliable, easy to use, less expensive and most importantly they don’t give you a weird look. 


Clear Aligners 

Unlike the traditional braces, with clear aligners, you can be more confident about your treatment. Be more open and you don’t have to sacrifice your smile for the sake of treatment. Traditional braces give you a total unnatural look which is the main reason why so many people choose to live with misaligned teeth and never dare to start their treatment. 


Now with clear aligners, patients show more interest more concern over how they present their smiles in public. They are also more open towards treatment as clear aligners make it convenient. 


Both Dentalign and Basma are the Clear Aligner options and both have a very special and relatively new method of treatment often termed as? At-Home treatment. 


At-Home Treatment 

At-Home treatment is a relatively new industry in dentistry. This is a sort of tele-medication equal in dentistry. Due to the recent Covid pandemic, we saw a steep increase in demand for At-Home treatment as people were either scared of visiting the dentist or in some other cases, they weren’t allowed due to lockdown. 


The At-Home treatment utilizes the option of virtual support and guidance. All of your treatment is done and being monitored remotely while you can sit home and relax. 

This makes it easier for those people who don’t want to interact or who simply cannot afford to take time out for their treatment. For all such patient, At-Home treatment options by Dentalign and Basma is simply mind-blowing. 


Dentalign vs Basma 

Now that you know more about your treatment options and an overview of why clear aligners should be your next treatment choice, we will answer your million-dollar question. 


Dentalign VS Basma and which one is more suitable for you. From these analyses and detailed stats, you can choose the treatment option which suits you best. 



Dentalign, founded in UAE - a global sensation for orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth from the convenience of home. Their home-scan option is currently available in the United Arab Emirates only but as they have the advantage of operating online with their at-home treatments, they facilitate customers all across the MENA region to get their perfect smile.  

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