Dentalign | Is your oral health important for teeth straightening?
Is your oral health important for teeth straightening?
  • 08 November 2021
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From dietary problems, there is not even a single complication that isn’t directly or indirectly related to oral health. Oral health is arguably the most important factor related to your overall health. Whether it’s food or air that we inhale, all has to pass through your oral cavity right into your mouth, this certainly puts your oral health at constant risk. 

In this article today we will describe the top reasons why your oral health is so important and what are the day-to-day things that can help you improve it.? 


Oral Health – The Gateway to your Overall health 

Oral health is the most important factor which signals the condition of your overall health. With a proper oral examination, you can even diagnose gastric problems along with many other conditions. Here are 6 important reasons why you should always take care and be concerned of your oral health. 


1. A Confident Appearance 

One of the most important factor what counts for anyone is that how they appear in their social circle, their workspace or even in their family. Our appearance is the first impression we have on anyone and as they say, the First impression is the last impression. A confident smile is the best thing to wear no matter the occasion. Whether it’s a formal presentation or your first date with who could potentially be the love of your life, a glowing white smile will always save your day. 


2. Reduced Risk of Diseases 

Your oral health is directly connected to the two most important pathways for contracting a disease, your mouth, and nose. With proper oral hygiene, you can save your body from tons of different diseases. One of the recent researches shows that oral health can contribute to all the major diseases found in the human body. 


3. Pregnancy and Oral Health 

Oral health is also very important when it comes to pregnancy. Even the protocol and SOPs of many oral health-related procedures consider pregnancy as a major factor before proceeding. A study shows that periodontitis can be a major factor to cause premature birth. Moreover, any kind of gum disease can also cause a hormonal imbalance during childbirth. With a healthy oral cavity, there’s a greater chance for your baby to be healthy. 

4. Cancer and Dementia 

Oral health has also been shown to impact your mental health and can even reduce the risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Most particularly in women, this factor has much greater involvement.? 

In research, 65,000 post-menopausal cases were studied and it showed that those individuals with a history of gum disease or other oral problems have a 14% more risk of developing breast cancer, lung cancer, and even brain tumors. 

On the other hand, people with healthy gums are 70% less likely to ever develop dementia and Alzheimer’s. This percent is even more prominent in females. 


5. Diabetes and Oral health 

Diabetes is one the greatest malady to ever fall on humankind. In only the United States, it contributes to a big chunk of deaths per year. The number shows that more people are contracting the disease because of their sedentary habits. 

People with sound oral health are less likely to develop Diabetes. But the greater concern here is the degradation of oral health once you have contracted diabetes. Recent research shows that one of the most infamous oral health problems 'Periodontitis', can also be a possible manifestation of Diabetes. Diabetes can also be linked to tooth loss, oral cavity bone loss, and many other complications. 

6. Financial Risk 

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to the practicality of the modern world. Oral treatment is also called the Royal treatment as in developed countries like States and even in Europe, it can easily make a dent in your wallet. A simple procedure can easily cost you a 1000$ and that is the main reason why oral health is not covered in most health insurance programs.? 

This has also caused the development of dental tourism industry as people prefer the Middle East or other South Asian countries for their dental treatment where it can be much cheaper. 


These factors are all the more reasons why you should be conscious about your oral health. More studies are showing that your oral health should always be your top priority and more educational programs are launched aiming at spreading awareness regarding oral hygiene. 


Let us know if you have any other questions regarding this or any other related topics.  


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