Dentalign | How a confident smile will change everything
How a confident smile will change everything
  • 10 November 2021
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The world is growing at a fast pace and to cope up with its pace, you need to face it and it’s challenges chin up and chest wide. As you already heard, the first impression is the last and this is equally true when it comes to your professional life.? 

Whether it’s an interview or your first interaction with your new neighbors, your first impression will imprint an image on their minds which can never be changed. One of the most important factors that help in making this image a positive one is a beautiful wide smile. It is perceived welcoming and shows of a confident personality which is the main goal.? 


Why your Smile matters 

To start with, why not. When anyone looks at you, your smile is the first thing that they notice. Something that helps people decide whether to believe you, trust you or not - any word or presentation from your side will come afterward. Your first impression will always be the first smile. 


We can go on with hundreds of reasons why it is important to have a confident perfect white smile but here we will discuss some of the more important ones related to health, interaction, and mental health. 


It presents you to the world 

This is the main reason why a perfect smile is important for you and help change people's narrative about you. In one of the researches, it was shown that “92% of adult Americans believe that a bright perfect smile looks attractive”.? 

More so, psychology says that a smile is the first thing that everyone notices unintentionally. This gives them a roadmap on whether they should believe you, whether you should get the job and if you can be a good friend or not.? 

This is your ultimate CV which represents the a form of you beyond any words or skills. 


Your Oral health 

A perfect smile can even help better your oral health. In a quite obvious way if you try to keep a perfect white smile, you will take care of your oral hygiene. This amounts to 90% of taking care of your oral health and keeping it disease-free. 

Plus, when you opt for an orthodontic prescribed teeth straightening treatment, it will make cleaning and brushing easy. There are fewer chances of debris and plaque getting stuck in-between spaces. 


Your Tooth will stay for longer 

New researches by many cosmetic dentists are showing promising results relating a perfect straight smile to teeth’s general functionality. It is shown that with a straight smile the function of teeth also improves dramatically.? 

Research has shown that people with a straight smile can eat easily and can even chew some foods better than other individuals without any issue. 

Moreover, this will also guarantee that your teeth will be around for longer. The chances of losing teeth decrease drastically when you have a straight and clean smile. 


Immunity Booster 

Healthwise this is the most important reason why you need to look after your smile. A smile is the best immunity booster. It has been shown in several researches that a clean, perfect smile has direct and indirect effects on your immunity and overall health. 

When you take care of oral hygiene there are very few chances of contracting a disease through oral and nasal routes. 

Moreover, a clean smile guarantees a fresh smile. While bad breath or halitosis can be a major factor in driving people away from you. 


Psychological Effects 

A smile can be a major factor in driving your confidence. Studies have shown that people with crooked smiles or with oral diseases are shyer and less interactive in public places. Such people eventually develop a fear of the limelight and will always try to stay in the background. 

Having a perfect smile at least guarantees that your interaction will be smoother and more friendly. Many people who undergo orthodontic treatment develop a new confident personality as they are no more insecure about their smile. 


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