Dentalign | Tips and Best Practises for your Clear Aligners
Tips and Best Practises for your Clear Aligners
  • 08 November 2021
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A perfect smile is always a dream, something we all try our best to achieve and even opt for treatments to help make it possible. One of the most common treatments to get that dream smile is with the help of aligners. Aligners can help you achieve the perfect smile but one thing that most patients forget is that it is equally important to take care of your aligners for optimal results. In this article, we will give you our best tips and practices to make sure you keep your Aligners remain in the best shape to achieve the perfect smile more effectively. 


Best tips and practises for your aligners 

Your Food Choice 

The first thing that you should keep in mind is your food choice. When you are using braces many food items are already on the prohibited list and you should always avoid them at any cost. Hard candies and other such food items can push your braces and make it inconvenient to wear them. More than that, it can also affect your teeth straightening. 

When it comes to clear aligners, you’re open to more food items for consumption but you still need to be conscious about your choice. Try avoiding colored drinks or other hard beverages as they can damage your aligners. The best practice is to always use a knife and a fork when eating; and remember to NOT put pressure on your aligners as it can affect your teeth straightening. 


Brushing and Flossing 

Another factor to count when using aligners during your treatment is your brushing and flossing habit. Always use the right tools for the job recommended by your assigned doctor. In the duration of your treatment, make sure to brush and floss each time before you wear your aligners.  
It is always a good idea to brush not only your teeth but also your aligners with a soft bristle tooth brush, to clean away any debris or food particles that may have build-up during the day. DO NOT use toothpaste on your clear aligners as it can easily damage them, instead use clear liquid soap. 






Your Unconscious Habits 

One of the main reasons for failed orthodontic treatments are one’s unconscious habits. Habits like lip and nail-biting can create gaps in between one’s aligners which can eventually result in a misfit or maligned teeth. If you can relate to such unconscious behaviour or a behaviour similar to this which can possibly ruin your aligners, try to keep yourself busy or distracted. This is important when you are wearing clear aligners, so make sure to be more vigilant during your unconscious hours. 


Lukewarm for Aligners 

One of the most neglected factors about aligners is that most people do not care about their aligner’s hygiene. As we already know, one of the main benefits of aligners is that it can be removed by the patient because of which, they are often in contact with the outside environment, it is very important to keep them clean especially before use. This is also the reason why many orthodontists insist on non-removable braces for those patients with bad oral hygiene. 


Make sure you only use lukewarm water to wash your aligners. If the water is too hot, it can damage your aligners and if it is too cold, it will not clean it properly.  



One thing you should always keep in mind is that orthodontic treatments need proper commitment to your goals. Before you start, keep in mind that you cannot escape before the end of the treatment, which in most cases is around 6 months or more. Most of the time, patients start on a high note but gradually lose enthusiasm for the treatment and get sick of their treatment.? 

Leaving your treatment mid-way can even have a negative impact on your tooth alignment. So, make sure that once you take the bold step of starting it, make sure to see the end of it. 


Regular Check-Ups 

Last but not the least advice from us to you is to follow the regular check-ups as prescribed and planed by your assigned dentist. This will help them to notice any side effects or misalignment and sort it out before time which is very important.? 

If you ever feel like you are facing some issue or any kind of discomfort with your aligners, always report this to your assigned doctor as they can give you the best possible advice. 


Make sure to keep in mind all these practices to help you achieve the perfect smile. If you have more questions or queries, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Till then, have a happy and clean smile. 


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