Dentalign | The importance of straight teeth when it comes to oral health
The importance of straight teeth when it comes to oral health
  • 09 November 2021
  • Oral Care

Straight teeth and a perfect jawline are one of the most attractive factors we try to achieve. Nothing can be compared to a perfect smile and how it attracts everyone. But that’s not all to that. One of the most underestimated concepts is teeth straightening and how it is only attributed to aesthetics only but in reality, straight teeth have way more importance when it comes to your oral health and eventually overall health. 

From gingivitis to oral cancer, misaligned teeth can be the cause of all sorts of oral problems, and that is why it is a health care concern and not just a cosmetic one. In this article, we will explain why straight teeth are important in keeping a healthy oral environment. 


Major Complications related to Misaligned Teeth 

There are a lot of reasons why straight teeth are important for oral health. A healthy oral cavity signals a healthy body and any problem that can cause any kind of oral malady will eventually result in degradation of your overall health condition. 


Here we will discuss the most important facts as to why your straight teeth are more than just a cute smile. 


Tooth loss 

If your upper teeth are protruded outwards more than normal, this case is called the overjet. An excessive overjet can pose a serious problem to your teeth. Your protruded teeth are always at a higher risk of breaking and prone to other types of injuries. This can be easily corrected with the use of braces for some time depending on the extent of the overjet. Talk to your prescribed dentist for a detailed analysis and a treatment plan. 



Crooked teeth can make gaps between your teeth. These interproximal spaces can easily trap food particles and it is hard to clean them with normal brushing. These food particles can form debris and then results in calculus which eventually leads to carious teeth. Carious teeth can be the root cause of hundreds of other oral problems and can even lead to tooth loss. This is another important reason to go for orthodontic treatment and get your smile straight. 



As we already discussed that crooked teeth can end up accumulating debris and food particles. With decays of these tooth particles, your mouth starts to smell and this condition is known as Halitosis. Halitosis is one of the main reasons why people visit the dentist as it can make it unbearable for your social circle to sit with you for a second and this includes your family too. With straight teeth, you can reduce the risk of Halitosis to almost 80%. 


Aesthetic Concerns 

Let’s face it, aesthetics are one of the most sought-after factors when it comes to our practical life. Everyone loves to look good and it is your right to look beautiful. Straight teeth not only improve your smile but can change your whole facial structure. That is the reason why sometimes an orthodontic treatment becomes a necessity to improve the facial structure.  



Gingivitis and Periodontitis 

Straight teeth have fewer chances of trapping food particles and other debris, which is the reason why they are easy to clean and better for oral health. Compared to that in misaligned dentition, calculus can develop. Calculus can be the route cause for all kinds of gum diseases. Gingivitis is the first malady that can develop due to calculus and tar. It will eventually develop into periodontitis which results in teeth loss and related oral problems. 


Oral Cancer and Injuries 

Misaligned teeth are prone to injuries and breaking easily. These broken teeth can cause injuries to the oral mucosa. Moreover, the misalignment can themselves be the reason for injuries and causing cysts. These cysts which are caused by oral trauma are one of the main reasons for oral cancer. 


These all are the reasons why your straight teeth are much more important than just for a beautiful smile. If you have any problem with your dentition alignment, make sure you speak to your orthodontist right away.? 


Let us know if you have any queries related to this topic. 

Till then, we wish you a happy beautiful smile. 




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