Dentalign | Day Aligners
Day Aligners
AED 5,950 or AED 1,000 per month
  • Wear for 22 hours each day. Even when you sleep
  • Custom designed by our European technicians
  • Each case reviewed by certified European Dentists
  • Entirely from the comfort of your home
  • Fix your smile in as little as 3 months
  • For a comfortable treatment try Night Aligners
  • Life time guarantee*
  • Free shipping
The Comfortable Option
Why Day Aligners?
The fastest way to straighten your teeth, with results in as little as 3 months
easily remove them for eating, drinking or whenever you feel like it.
Wear for at least 22 hours
every day
Easily remove your aligners when you need to. We recommend wearing them for at least 22 hours each each day.
Custom designed
treatment plan
Each treatment is custom designed by our European certified technicians to match your exact needs.
A fraction of the cost of
competing aligners or braces
Cutting out the middleman allows us to pass on savings to you. We are up to 70% cheaper than leading alternatives.
Choose a treatment plan
Which aligners are right for you?
All Day Aligners
  • Hours:

    22 hours
    all day and night
  • Pricing:

    AED 5,950
    or 275/mo
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Night Only Aligners
  • Hours:

    10 hours
    while you sleep
  • Pricing:

    AED 5,950
    or 275/mo
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Compared with
Traditional Braces
  • Hours:

    365 days a year
  • Pricing:

    AED 11,000+
What's included?
Everything is included
Scan or Impression
AED 250 or Free
Create an impression of your smile with our at home impression kit (AED 250). Alternatively, you can have one of our technicians visit you and capture a 3D scan of your teeth (AED 500). Either option offers a 100% rebate against your order.
AED 5,950 or AED 1,488 a month for 4 months (AED 5,950 total)
We create and ship you your custom aligners. A dentist or orthodontist reviews your treatment plan and will routinely check in to track your progress. No in-office visits and a saving of up to 70%.
Free or AED 250
Most cases are treated in 3 to 6 months, though some complex cases can take longer. Often, your doctor might recommend the use of retainers. These are similar to aligners except they are designed to keep your new smile perfect. Your treatment will include 1 retainer (top and bottom). You can order more at any time.
Align once. Smile Forever!

Our in-house Orthodontists carefully review, access and plan each treatment. If they decide you are not a fit for Dentalign, we'll refund you in full. If you are a fit, there is no obligation to proceed.

See the full T&C of our lifetime guarantee
Got Questions?
Here are some answers.
What is the process of ordering my aligners?
The first thing you need to do is order an impression kit (AED 250) or book a scan (AED 500). Once you return the impression kit or your scan is collected, an orthodontist will review your case and design a treatment plan and a Smile Preview

Your Smile Preview is an interactive 3D view of your smile through the different stages of your treatment. It can be accessed by logging in to the Dentalign website.
How do I order my aligners?
You can order your aligners online, once your Smile Preview is ready. Your aligners will be delivered directly to you, within 2 weeks from when you place your order.
How much does the Dentalign treatment cost?
The Dentalign treatment is priced at AED 5,950. This includes your initial scan or impression kit, all aligners, unlimited consultations with your dedicated doctor and a set of retainers.
How long will the treatment last?
The number of aligners and treatment duration will be depend on the complexity of your case. Your treatment can last anywhere from 3 months (mild cases) to 12 months (severe cases).
Can I speak with my doctor?
Yes! You can request a consultation with your doctor to discuss the particulars of your case once your Smile Preview is ready. All consultations are completely free.
How often will my orthodontist check in with me after my treatment begins?
Your doctor will check in on your progress every month through the progress photos you upload on the Dentalign website. If your case is not going according to plan, they will request either a remote or in clinic consultation
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