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Pricing &


How much does a Dentalign treatment cost?
Regardless of the complexity of the case or the options you chose, for final total price will be AED 5,950 + VAT (Our pay in instalments service is powered by Tabby. Tabby charges us a fee. The difference in price helps us cover part of that fee).
What is the rebate?
When you order your kit or book a scan, we’ll ask you to pay either AED 250 (Kit) or AED 500 (Scan). This fee helps us cover some of the costs of collecting your data, designing your treatment and your doctor consultations.
How can I pay?
We accept payments by most majour credit or debit cards. You can pay in 1 lump sum payment of AED 5,950 or in 4 equal instalments of AED 1,587.5.
Do I have to pay for doctor’s consultations?
No. With Dentalign, you never pay for doctor’s consultations. We promise you that the total out of pocket cost for your treatment will be capped at AED 5,950 or AED 6,000 (for payments in instalments).
Can I pay in instalments?
Yes you can! Our pay in instalments feature is powered by Tabby. Tabby charges us a fee to process our payments. We recover part of that fee from the increased total price of payments in instalments.
Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes! If your treatment fails or you are not happy within the first 30 days, we will provide you with a partial refund. Please see the full terms and conditions of our guarentee for more information.

Before Your


How do I know if the treatment will work for me?
Once your scan has been collected or your impressions returned, a doctor (Orthodontist or Dentist) will be assigned to your case. The doctor will determine whether or not the treatment will work for you. Your treatment plan and smile preview will be designed by a professional smile designers, in consultation with your doctor.
Why do you need photos of my teeth?
Your photos help your doctor understand the current state of your teeth, and design your treatment plan.
Who designs my treatment plan?
Your treatment plan is designed by a Dentalign Smile Designer, in consultation with your dedicated Dentalign doctor.
How do I book a doctor’s consultation?
Once you’ve returned your kit or your scan has been collected, you can log in to your account and book a free consultation with your doctor.
Can I meet my doctor?
Unfortunately not. You can only speak with your doctor through video conferencing applications such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.
Do you have any clinics?
No. We are able to offer the best prices by eliminating the need for clinics.
Can I see what my new smile will look like?
Yes. Before you order your aligners, you’ll be able to see your smile preview and speak with your doctor. Your doctor will show you your treatment plan and closely monitor your progress.
When do I get my treatment plan?
After your impressions have been returned or your scan has been collected, your Dentalign doctor will design your treatment plan in collaboration with a Dentalign Smile Designer. This usually takes 3 days but can take up to 2 weeks.
What is the impression kit?
The impression kit contains putty, impression trays, gloves, a smile spreader and a “How To” guide. Watch the How to make good impressions video for more information.
Why do you need impressions?
We need impressions to properly understand the current state of your smile. We use them to create a 3D model of your teeth and then digitally design your treatment plan.
What is a home scan?
A home scan is when a Dentalign Scan Technician visits your home (or any other location of your choice) to collect a digital 3D scan of your teeth. Watch the "What to expect from a home scan" video for more information.
Why can’t I book a home scan?
We currently only offer home scans in the UAE. If you still prefer a home scan why not visit the UAE? We’ll collect the scan at your hotel and send the kit to you in your home country. Get in touch for more information.
Where are home scans available?
We currently only offer home scans in the UAE. If you don’t live in the UAE but still prefer a home scan why not visit the UAE? We’ll collect the scan at your hotel and send the kit to you in your home country. Get in touch for more information.
How long after ordering my treatment will I receive my aligners?
Usually, your aligners will be delivered within 5 working days from your order. That being said, it can sometimes take up to 2 weeks (10 working days).
Will wearing Aligners affect my speaking?
Possibly. 1 out of 5 patients lisp whilst wearing aligners. This depends on the shape of your jaw. Only your doctor can determine whether or not this will be the case for you. But don’t worry. You can remove your aligners for meetings, speeches, dates or anything else.
What if I am not a candidate?
We will refund you the cost of your kit or home scan in full.
Do I have to visit a clinic?
Possibly. If it is the case that your treatment is not showing the desired results, your doctor will ask you to come into our lab for an in-person consultation. This has never happened before but it is something we are prepared for.

During Your


Is my treatment monitored?
Yes. Your doctor will routinely monitor your treatment through teleconference and through your check in photographs.
Can I speak with my doctor?
Yes. Dentalign offers unlimited free doctor consultations before, during and after your treatment. You can book consultations once your kit has been returned to us or your scan has been collected.
What if I lose some aligners?
Get in touch with us. your first lost aligner is free. Additional lost aligners will cost AED 450.
When do I start seeing results?
Your smile will start to change within the first 3 days of wearing your first set of aligners. You probably wont notice the change for at least 2-3 weeks.
Should I keep my aligners after I am done using them?
Yes. You should keep all aligners safe in a cool and clean place. If you don’t wear your retainers after your treatment, your smile can revert to its natural position. This will happen gradually over a period of 6 months to 5 years. If this happens, you may be able to re-use your aligners.
Can I exercise with aligners?
Can I eat and drink with aligners?
You can but it is better not to. Eating can damage your aligners and food getting stuck in your aligners can cause cavities.
Can I remove my aligners at any time?
Yes, but you must wear All Day Aligners for at least 22 hours every day. Night Only Aligners must be worn for at least 10 hours every night.
What if I need to have dental work done during my treatment?
Please consult with your Dentalign Doctor before having any dental work done.
Can I get a refund if I change my mind during my treatment?
You can get a full refund on your kit or scan. You can get a partial refund up to 30 days from the date your aligners were delivered. We’ll deduct AED 500 to help us cover the cost of designing your treatment plan and AED 200 for every doctor’s consultation you have had (excluding your first doctor’s consultation).

After Your


What happens after my treatment is complete?
You smile! You must also wear a retainer. Your retainers keep your new smile in place. Your first retainer is free. Additional retainers can be purchased for AED 450. Most doctors recommend that you replace your retainers every 6 months. This however is only a recommendation and not a requirement. You should replace your retainers when they are damaged or have lost structural integrity.
You will need to wear your retainer 3 times a week, while you sleep.
What are retainers?
Retainers are almost the same as aligners except their main function is to hold your smile in place. They only need to be worn at night for 3 nights a week.
Do I need retainers?
Yes. If you don’t wear your retainers properly, your smile can start returning to it’s natural position over a period of 6 months to 5 years.
How much do retainers cost?
AED 450. Your first set of retainers are free. Additional retainers can be ordered at any time. You can also buy your retainers from any dentist or orthodontist in the world. Just note that it will likely cost significantly more than AED 450.
How long do I need the retainers for?
For as long as you want to keep your new smile. If you don’t wear your retainers properly, your smile can start returning to its natural position over a period of 6 months to 5 years.
Can I speak with my doctor?
Yes. You can book remote consultations with a Dentalign Doctor for free for a period of 6 months following your treatment. Consultations after that will cost AED 200.
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